Benton Bounce LLC, is a small local company that focuses on serving our local area. We make doing business simple. The cost quoted always includes delivery, setup, and taxes within 25 miles of Benton Tennessee. Our selection of inflatables are perfect for things as small as a backyard birthday celebration to full-size camps and festivals.

Benton Bounce was started in 2013. It was started with a focus on serving our local population and doing so with integrity. In July of 2016 I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the business.  Looking towards the future of Benton Bounce LLC, I have plans on growing the business as well as maintaining our current products. This will help us to continue serving our local population with the same integrity as the founder did while meeting their ever growing needs.


Benton, TN










Make any birthday party one to remember with an inflatable at your location. The simple Bounce Houses are great for young guests. With an older crowd we are still able to bring something that will keep a smile on their face with our combo units.


Looking at planning a festival with a church, school, or other organization? We are able to bundle various inflatables to suit your needs. Also, know that multi-day events get a discount on the total cost.

Holidays & Occasions

Remember to always think outside the normal box. Inflatables will allow the grown-ups a chance to enjoy adult conversations while engaging youth and kids into an active and enjoyable experience. And remember, the large 18’ side is loved by adults too!



Robert Shaney



I was born and raised in the Oldfort area. I have always loved the outdoors and spending time in it. Although I have worked in a couple factories, the majority of my jobs have been centered around the outdoors and working with a wide variety of people. I now am embracing this adventure ahead of me and all that it entails. Perhaps near the top of the list is the opportunity to watch, time and time again, children with a genuine smile on their face live life to its fullest each and every moment they are presented.

I did go to UTC and graduated with a business management degree. I have both fond and not so fond memories from that part of my life.  It is amazing to look at how the paths we have walked link us into where we are now. And for this reason, I have no regrets from that time in my life.

Currently, I am very involved with my church and its community of people. They are my family, and it is a joy to love, serve, and grow with them. May God find ways to use me as He sees fit each and every day.